Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014 and Megan's Endowment Trip

I am yet again going to attempt to catch up the family blog!  We are now a family of 5 and I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by and how fast these sweet kids of ours are growing up.  I will start with this last weekend and hopefully stay current and catch up some of the stuff we have missed!

Halloween 2014

Here is Andrew Max McCulloch at two weeks in one of his Halloween costumes.  He was not in a photo taking mood.
 He was much happier in my lap for the photos!
 ....for a little while at least.  We think this cute little face is pretty funny sometimes.
 Emma Jane is six and was a "beautiful vampire" for Halloween
 Owen Ganes is four (and a solid tank!) and is "the bravest knight in all of Halloween" also known as "Prince Charming"  We did have to teach him that his costume had chain mail (faux) because he was showing people the "sparkles" on his sleeves.. haha

 I picked up this cute pirate costume for Andrew and he is wearing it with some cute booties my friend Cari Ludlow made for him.
 This is a photo I snapped with my phone in poor light right before we went trick or treating with the neighbors (Matt and Angelica Filicicchia) around the neighborhood.  After our neighborhood trick or treating  Emma and Owen were in the front room sorting and trading candy and we got several trick or treaters at our door.  They were so cute and excited to hand out candy to them.  When we ran out of candy from our bowl Emma was happy to give her own candy to the "customers."  We did go to our ward's trunk or treat/ward Halloween party three days before but did not take any pictures.   They both had so much fun and excitement for Halloween this year!  It is always a blast!
 This is my favorite picture of Emma and Owen in their costumes that I took right after we bought them.

Megan Marie's Endowment Trip

At 10:00 pm, Halloween night we loaded up into the van to drive to St. George, Utah because the next morning Megan, my youngest sister, was going through the temple for the first time.  She has been living in St. George for about a year.  We had a very good excuse to stay home since we have a three week old, but we are so excited and happy for Megan and did not want to miss her special day.  I am so grateful for John because he did most of the driving and watched all the kids while I went into the temple with my family.  It made me really really happy to be in there with my Grandma and Grandpa Frandsen too.  I love them so much and loved seeing them in the temple!  This was my first time in the St. George temple.  It was very beautiful.  I especially LOVED that the floors creaked upstairs.  (this temple is OLD!) It made me feel like I was walking around my grandparents house.  :)  

Pictured from left: Grandpa, Grandma, Megan, Mom, Me, Madison, Megan, Steve, Susan, Bob, Amy, Robby, Marshall (Russell in the back of the stroller)

Right after lunch and ten hours after arriving in St. George we got back in the car and headed for home!  (We are seriously blessed that Andrew did so great on the trip! He slept a lot and I was able to pump and bottle feed him so we could keep on driving.)  Bob had a great idea to stop and show the kids the very best part of Las Vegas.  Their kids and Emma (Owen was asleep) were very fascinated with the Vegas lights but we wanted to show them the temple!
 Almost nine years ago John and I walked out of these doors as a newly sealed couple.  Now we are a family of five!  Life is SO good!
 Emma, Robby, Marshall, Owen and Madison on the singing tree bench.  This is where we always took group photos at the temple.

One of my favorite parts about this trip is when we got back in the van after walking around the Las Vegas temple Owen told me that on the day he gets married he is going to by me flowers.  :)  What a sweet guy!  I am going to remind him of this someday and I hope I get my flowers!