Wednesday, May 21, 2008

11 Days and counting

Okay I know we have not posted in so long! It has been such a busy month ! John did pretty good on his finals and he is back to his happy self again! We got the mario cart game for the wii and the indiana jones trilogy.. he is my happy 5 year old again. I love it. Too bad summer school starts in a couple of weeks..
Yea, I have only 11 days left until my due date. Somedays I feel terrible and "know" that labor is right around the corner and then I wake up the next day feeling great and still pregnant! My mom really does not want her to come early because she'll miss the birth.. but i'm playing selfish.. we want her to come now! I'm just so excited! I've been doing some "nesting" this afternoon and it smells like baby powder in this room and I love it. At my last appointment (last thursday morning) I was dialated to "not quite a 2" and 50% effaced and the baby was posited at a -1. soo.. that means it could be soon.. or a long time. But that night (so almost a week ago) I THINK I lost my mucous plug. How do you know for sure? I read that means labor could come in 2 days or 2 weeks. ha! Well I am doing all the self- labor inducing things.. except the castor oil. Maybe I'll try it if I get desperate. ..
An update on the house shopping. .. We have been looking at more houses and searching for the perfect house at the perfect price (which is actually realllllly hard to come by we are finding). The house we put an offer on is not available to us.. We found out after a week of waiting that because of the prior owner's situation our type of loan cannot buy that house. LAME! We did find one that we LOVE. It's perfect. Except the lady wants 30K more than we want to pay. :( I think we are going to make an offer anyways though. I'm getting a little stressed about it all .. but know I shouldn't . I really know Heavenly Father knows what is best and is watching out for us. Everything will work out how it should . We'll post some pictures soon .. and hopefully some pictures of our new house!!


Amy said...

Wow! 11 days. That is so exciting. I want to hear more about this new house you looked at.

Rhien Family said...

Hope for a considerate baby that knows you're tired of being pregnant and decides to come out early :)

What an exciting time for all of you!


S & S Padilla said...

Wow, I just heard the news, miss "all natural!" Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics of little Emma!

Adam & Rachel said...

SO good to hear from you, I was wondering how you are doing. I am glad you are getting close! I CANT WAIT!!!

Joanna said...

Good luck these last days as you wait for the little bambino to arrive. Those days of unknown and waiting - enough to make you nuts. Enjoy it though. Good luck!