Wednesday, July 2, 2008

an update finally!

Well we sure have been busy.. I've tried to post something... often. I guess I don't have my schedule as a new mom figured out just yet...

Emma is doing well! She is getting bigger.. I'm not sure how much bigger... People ask me all the time how much she weighs.. I don't have a baby scale.. so I really don't know! But I do still worry about her getting enough milk and gaining enough all the time! I still pump every now and then and give it to her throughout the day. I probably shouldn't give her a pacifier.. she just loves it though! I think I have determined that she is somewhat allergic to the milk and dairy products I eat, so I am now really trying to cut out dairy. If anyone knows me, they know how much I love dairy! I am drinking this almond milk with my cereal, which isn't too bad. So far I think it's helped her..

We've been going out for walks in our snazzy jogging stroller.. I haven't actually jogged with it yet.. but that will be coming soon I hope! I have my follow up appointment with my obgyn in a week and a half.. which will actually be 7 weeks postpartum... Here's Emma before our first stroller walk. Looks pretty comfy, huh?

It's amazing to me how much muscle tone I have lost! I try to exercise some days and let Emma hang out it her bouncer or swing.. some days she actually lets me! A kid at our complex walked by when the door was open and asked if we had THREE babies! It sure looks like it with all her seating!

John has been working pretty hard this summer.. lots of hours working and doing math homework, and not as much sleep as he's used to. So, three weeks ago we went up to his favorite place (and definitely one of mine.. it's where he proposed!) .. the family cabin in Vallecito, Colorado. We looove it there. We were both feeling overwhelmed and tired and stressed and it was amazing how we could actually feel the stress lifting off our shoulders the closer we got to the cabin and the more green and scenic the drive became. Nancy and Kenny met us up there. It was a wonderful weekend and much needed retreat! We took Emma in a carrier on her first hike, a little over a mile right next to the lake..and here is Emma and I after a nice nap in the "napping room." It is the back room (sun room) of the cabin which has a beautiful view of the lake. It is very conducive to sleep! I tried to study for dental hygiene boards in this room a couple of years ago.. I think I lasted 10 minutes!

Here we are in front of the cabin on our way to leave..(she was already buckled in so we didn't want to take her out)

Here she is with Nancy and Kenny (also known as Granny Nanny and Grumps): (she is about as big as Grumps' forearm. They are such great grandparents!)

After we left the cabin we went to Farmington for a father's day dessert over at Mama and Papa's house. We got a few generation pictures with Emma's great-grandparents (which unfortunately none of them really turned out) here's one where at least the lighting is somewhat okay..We did get to have a quick photo shoot with John's very talented cousin Rachel. She took a bunch of pictures of Emma for us. Check out her web page

and her blog. .. There are three pictures there of Emma under the title "New Baby E (June 18th)" .. you have to scroll down a bit to get to them.. but it's worth it! And ALL the pictures on there are soo beautiful! I wish they weren't moving so she can always take pictures of all our kids!

So.. after our wonderful father's day weekend at the cabin we came back to Albuquerque.. to our crazy apartment management.. and homework and our crazy pets! We have this great tortoise that is about 5 years old named Truman.. and one night about 1 am I was feeding Emma and John was doing homework and he looks down and is shocked to see that it looks like his guts have literally fallen out! We were so worried and sad.. I'm thinking that I don't give him enough water and he's dying and I don't even have a vet for him! So we put him in the bathtub to give him some water.. and his guts went back inside.. hmm...after 20 minutes or so searching on the Internet we find out those were not his guts, as "congratulations, it's a boy" comes across the screen. Yep Truman is officially a boy. He is sexually mature now and decided to let it all hang out.. and yea, it was a lot to hang out! Here he is looking innocent..

So, after the initial shock and trauma were over I go back to feeding Emma in the living room to see this! Sorry for the graphic picture.. but seriously! We have a real animal planet thing going on in the house! I don't think we'll see any tadpoles though because I'm sure the fish will eat them up unfortunately.. (you may have to click on the picture to enlarge it)

Well here are some pictures of Emma at one month .. (she'll actually be 6 weeks tomorrow)

Soo.. we have been managing our apartment complex for almost two years.. it wasn't bad the first year. We actually liked it.. the free rent has always been nice.. but the past several months have been increasing in frustration until we were counting down the days that we were not managers any longer.. so we put in our two weeks and not one moment too soon we put up a sign over the manager's sign saying .. well to pretty much leave us alone now! It's great.. now I don't feel guilty for not opening the door when I get knocks throughout the day! We were so happy and excited to put up the sign we had our friend take pictures for us..

Well John and I have been looking for our first house for about two or three months now and we just finally moved on from one house we really loved after making three different offers.. and even offering 98% of the asking price .. and still being refused.. we are convinced that she really doesn't want to sell her home.. so now we are writing up an offer on another house we actually found a month and a half ago and fell in love with.. but it was out of our price range.. but we are hopefully going to get an offer out on it tomorrow! Wish us luck! With how many problems we are having I wonder if we are not meant to buy a house right now.. but we are persevering and will hopefully be in one soon. Maybe even this one! We love the neighborhood and the house and the yard are perfect for us..we'll see how it goes.

Sorry for the loooooooong update.. I need to be more regular about this... We're off to Colorado for the Fourth.. I hope everyone has a wonderful Independence Day!!


S & S Padilla said...

Emma is just precious! I know that Bearett is REALLY sensitive when I eat ANY dairy. I think the gas medicine I give him is called mylicon, and it is awesome. He doesn't gett all gassy, and no more crying from him. Good luck with the house, that's so exciting!

Amy said...

That is so gross about Truman. The house looks beautiful. I hope this one works. Emma looks so cute. She is growing.

Heather said...

Where is the house located? The gas drops she is talking about are called mylicon drops and they are wonderful. You cannot have a newborn and not have those in your home. You can get them at any store. Try them. Keep me posted on where you buy your house. We are still waiting for ours to sell here before the kids and I can come there.

Joe said...

You are coming to Denver?? That's where we live! Want to stop by? Do you have 4th plans? e-mail me

Adam & Rachel said...

What a little sweetie. See is getting bigger! Can't believe truman let it all hang out... nasty!

Brenna said...

Ha! I love the manager pic's too cute! Good luck with the house hunting! I know it will work out for you!

The Armijo Family said...

Hey you. Emma is so perfect.Being a mom is so great! Good luck with the Almond milk.I hope it works, just know that Soy- spends up the facts of life so try to stay again from that if you can. We had Nichole on Soy forever before the doctor gave us that information.

Kelly Merrell said...

Hey you guys! Sounds like your Colorado trip was a lot of fun! I got to thinking, I will actually be driving though your area in about a month when I go home. Maybe we can meet up then! I am shocked about Truman! Dirty skobag!

Brandi said...

Hi there! Are you still loving being a mama? She's so cute! I'm 34 and a half weeks right now. Not much longer! I am feeling pretty good, but the heat is SO much worse when you're this pregnant! :)

Bree said...

Congratulations on your baby and the house. Emma is precious. When was she born? Elliot just turned 2 months old and I've had to eliminate dairy completely as well AND that is the same almond milk I use in my cereal and coffee. We are also AP parents:) Bree G