Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anyone want to buy us a roof for our house?

Check out this beautiful quilt Mama Rhien (Emma's great-grandmother) made for her! We love it!

Sweet baby Emma (John said this is his Anne Geddes picture)
Here is what I have been doing this summer: Mostly reading baby books. I read all these books.. plus a lot of magazines and Ensigns..
Well we are still moving! We will be closing on the house sometime this week hopefully.. there are always issues that come up.. still more issues with the roof.. but everything will work out.. fingers crossed!! Our apartment is full of boxes.. some packed.. some not. We are excited to be leaving! Especially since yesterday while I was bringing laundry back and forth to the laundry room (can't wait until those days are over! ) I found the hugest black widow spider I have ever seen!!!! Right outside our door! I have a pure hatred and fear of cockroaches so several months ago John got me this spray to get any I saw... so I soaked this spider.. Hopefully she doesn't have any babies near by!

A couple of weeks ago John and I went on a little hike with the Berger boys (John and Kyle) up to an old decalogue stone in Las Lunas. This is something John discovered online several months ago and checked it out. I couldn't go with him there until now becuase you have to squeeze through a gate.. and that was not happening with my big pregnant belly. It has not been "officially" authenticated by any scholars but it is thought to be ancient hebrew and a little ancient greek and they think between several hundred years old to as much as 2 thousand years old of the 10 commandments.. perhaps Book of Mormon times? It's pretty cool. You'll have to check it out and see what you think.. It was so green and pretty and a nice little hike (that we cut a little short because the moisquitoes were eating us alive..)

Emma is growing and smiling and is such a joy! She rolls over on her belly when she's on the love sac sometimes and she had her first laugh two days ago! I don't have any pictures of this yet but we had Emma sitting bare feet in our friends grass while she was taking pictures.. and she loved kicking the grass and feeling the breeze and watching the dog running around the yard so much that she had her first laugh! It was awesome! She is too much fun. I can't wait until she is laughing more regularly.
She loves to sit up (with some help) and look around the room. She really loves to watch the fish tank..

We'll keep you all posted on the house!


The Rhiens said...

Hooray! New pictures of cute little Emma! What a cutie. I especially love the smiley ones. Congratulations on getting into a home. I bet you are SO excited. We'll have to come see it once you get settled in. Let us know where it is so we can come say hi when we are in ABQ next, whenever that might be.

Good luck with the move!

Love, Earlene, Scott and Julia

Brandi said...

SOOOO cute! She looks so happy, you must be doing a good job!

Sarah Padilla said...

OOooooh, the vaccine book??? Is this a good book? Are you going to vaccinate Emma? I'm so interested in all the buzz about the vaccines. Emma looks ADORABLE! She sure loves the carrier you have.

Amy said...

That black widow is huge! YIKES! The pictures of Emma are so cute. She even looks like she has a little chub on her cheecks. Are you guys going to panguitch for Thanksgiving? I am not sure if we will be there.

Dad said...

Great pics Ang, and thanks for the sharing! I am so excited for you guys. Emma is soooooo cute and precious and beautiful!

I pray things work-out with the house.

Love you guys!

Dad Shupe

Adam & Rachel said...

what a cutie. I love her nose, whose is that you think? so excited for your new house!!

Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

did you like the Last Lecture? We listened to it on a recent road-trip and really enjoyed it.

Cute kiddo.

Rob N Amy said...

emma is seriously so cute. she isi always smiling! you guys must be do a lot of things right.

did i mention that you suck angela for not EVER looking at my 220 blog. i could really use your support! Sob Sob Sob...

rob shupe

MOM said...

oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! She is so cute. Love the smiles, cant wait to see you guys again. You better be coming to the Frandsen reunion. Ange, you look great in the pictures. I can tell you have lost some weight since you had Emma. (you look great, as always, too John) I love you! MOM

Steven and Becky Trujillo said...

Congrats on the beautiful baby Angela. I bet you just love being a mom. Do you stay home now?

Amber said...

That's the coolest little baby carrier I've ever seen!!

Rhien Family said...

Cute pics. that baby is quite the looker!! (: we miss you,
The rhiens