Monday, May 18, 2009

crazy late-night snacking!

Well, It has been an amazing four months since I have last posted anything (besides a few comments on friends' blogs) and I am excited to be here again! I have just realized the connection with my last blog.. it was right before John was starting his semester in school and he actually turned in his last homework today for the semester. Honestly, he being in school makes me feel so busy and stressed as if I was taking the classes and had to complete hours of homework and projects and impossible math problems right along with him.. I guess that is the empathy in me. ..
So, what have we been up to this semester? Well a LOT.
John of course was very busy with school. He is one smart cookie and I am still learning so much from him (he will always be my greatest teacher). He should be getting two A's and three B's this semester.. which I think is awesome for your Junior year in Nuclear Engineering. I do wish it could have been done with a lot less "5 Hour Energy" consumption and a lot more sleeping in bed next to me.. but I am proud of him. He is still an awesome scout master and got certified through the NRA to be a rifle instructor.... so of course we had to buy a gun and go shooting a few times. Fun! Actually, I think we saw a mafia member.. with body guards and all at the gun store.. good times. I am actually a natural good shot. .. a little Annie Oakley in me.. John studied a lot this semester with a Mr. Mario Luigi Luis Migel.. (I'm not sure on the order).. he is mostly "Luis." He is a great guy from Peru... and yes, John supplied the "5 Hour Energy" for all night studying! I am so glad that I get my husband back for a couple of weeks before summer school starts.. (I really sometimes feel like a single mom.... who has a loving husband I get to feed and cuddle with occasionally.. ;)
So.. what else have I been up to? I was just able to celebrate my first Mother's Day, which was awesome. John gave me my gift and card Saturday night (we can rarely wait to give any gift to each other), I got some wonderful chocolate covered strawberries and the sweetest card. We had a nice sausage-y breakfast and a wonderful picnic dinner at the duck pond at UNM (with ducks and baby turtles and giant gold fish). Emma loved it of course.. but mostly loved picking up the gravel. :) I am still the RS Secretary. I love it. It is a great calling. I love the President and the counselors and how laid back it is... and that it gets me out of Sunday school.. Actually Emma is good for that too. How do you get anything at all out of church on Sunday with a toddler? I guess I better step-up my scripture reading at home. :) I have been trying (not very hard or consistently) to loose weight..I've lost about 10 pounds since January 1st. I have a LOT more to loose. I am honestly lazy and addicted to sugar. I miss my athletic days and will have them again. Hopefully this summer John and I will get serious about working out and eating healthy. We'll keep you updated on that. (I really could use some encouragement... pushing.. I did actually run a 5K race on April 18th. I think it took me 37 minutes.. It was my second 5k.. but I walked a little during the first one. This one I jogged completely and loved it. I really do love running. I did all my training for it in our neighborhood with Emma Jane in the jogging stroller. She's a great running partner (most days). I hope do do some more races. I love that Albuquerque offers occasional Saturday races (most are on Sundays). I hope to never run a Sunday race. In March we/I built two square foot gardening boxes and made the magic soil mix.. and it is now May and still have not planted any seeds (except for the basil in my windowsill).. we'll get on that soon after our next two long weekend trips.. John just got home from work.. so i am going to finish this later! with pictures and exciting stories of our family's main feature.. little Emma Jane!


Grasshoppers & Ant said...

Love you. Thanks for loving me too.

Rob N Amy said...

Congrats on losing 10 pounds!!!! And on the 5k run. If we ran one together I would be struggling to keep up with you. I am so slow. I can't believe you haven't planted your garden yet. That is the funnest part. Your mom's garden is growing pretty good.

Shawn and Renae said...

Angela so good to come across this blog off of rachels blog! Your are great. Your little girl is so precious and beautiful. Sweet red and hair those eyes so heavenly love her. I noticed her Robeeze's@ fun huh I brought a pair for my lil man Kesten they hair lil guitars on them! love yah Nae