Friday, June 25, 2010

Emma Jane's real birthday party May 22nd

I am back-tracking now since I haven't blogged in over a month! (It's been a busy one for sure.. )
We made it up to Vallecito, CO to the cabin for Emma's actual 2 year birthday. We were there for her one year also- it really is the best place for her birthday parties! We all LOVE it there so much and it's the perfect time to go and open it up. We met Nancy, Kenny, and some of the Palmers (Larry, Ann, Camera, Johnathan and Kami and their kids). We did a lot of good deep cleaning and some work on the pump to get it ready for the summer. It felt great to be back..

I made her another birthday cake to bring up and share with everyone- and to make sure she got to blow out candles on her actual birth day (the song and candles are her favorite part!)
This was my first attempt at fondant. It's sure not perfect..and got a little damaged from the trip.. but it wasn't too hard and I had a good time doing it.. I think I'll do it some more! The chocolate cake and buttercream frosting under the fondant was the best though!
Emma had a blast with the Palmer kids.. especially Ellie.. she's just 6 months older than Emma. They were so cute together.

They were also good helpers cleaning up with the brooms..
We threw rocks in the lake both mornings we were there. Emma and John loved it. Emma threw mostly with her left hand on Saturday, and switched to the right on Sunday.. She may be ambidextrous! On Sunday morning the water was a good 4-6 inches higher than the day before!As Papa used to say, I think they filled up the lake with all the rocks they threw in! Max came Sunday morning and impressed us with his rock-skipping skills (and long flowing hair :). John is a polar bear and went for a short swim Sunday morning. I got a good video of it.. but I'll keep that for us. :)
No kayaking this time- but she sure loved playing in it. I also brought some punch balloons and bubble makers that all the kids had a blast with.
Nanny and Grumps!
We love you cabin! Hope to see you soon! (We're actually going there for the 4th, and hopefully right after the baby is born for John's paternity leave..)
The party never stops though! We had a little birthday party at Ron's house Sunday night and we had a fun package at home waiting for us from my mom with some cute outfits and jewels and awesome light-up jellies!

My mom also made a sweet card for her.
The party still never stops...She just got a belated birthday package from my dad YESTERDAY! :) Now she really is a two year old.. and soon to be a big sister!!
* Emma's favorite foods: Milk, she asks for chocolate milk sometimes but usually calls it "sugar", fruit snacks, cereal, tomatoes, chips, apples, ice-cream
*favorite toys: Fishy (her Little Mermaid babie), her stuffed Eyore, Piglet Pooh and Tigger, her
hard plastic zoo animals (Rarr is the lion, Raff is girraffe, seera is Zebra), swimming and playing in the sink washing dishes (she says water as "wak" for some reason), Movies (Veggie Tales.. which she calls "Bob", The Little Mermaid, Monsters Inc, Bugs Life to name a few), coloring, her kitchen and kitchen tools, books books books, the stroller and going on walks,
*favorite friends: Lana and Heath, Truman, Nanny and Grumps, Mama/Mommy and Daddy. She just started calling Daddy John every now and then.. I wonder where she got that from?
*favorite phrases: Emma loves to talk! She is very expressive and says a lot with her eyes and
face. She still babbles alot, but really can speak in full sentences and says new words everyday. She also LOVES to sing. She knows some of the alphabet song and loves itsy bitsy spider, let's clean up song, if you're happy and you know it, ring around the rosie, 3 little ducks... when she's tired she asks for a nap and still takes a good 1-3 hour nap most days. When hungry she says she wants a snack.. sometimes that means fruit snacks but mostly any food will do!
She is full of energy and loves to run around, make messes, and run from mommy and daddy trying to tickle her. We sure love her!!


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Your family is so cute! So when is the baby due?