Monday, January 10, 2011

Owen's first month

*Sorry that I am a horrible blogger. Of course you must understand that I have been pretty busy the last few months. (with babies, toddlers and my church calling I have tried and failed several times to post something.. I'm just going to back-track now).

Here is some shots of Owen's first few weeks of life.

This is while we were still in the hospital, August 14th 2010 in Albuquerque.

Nanny came to the hospital, along with Ron, Marie and Addison

We made it home just one day after he was born. Here he is with Nanny and Grumps.

He has the webbed toes on his right feet just like my mom, Grandpa Frandsen and Ron.

He sleeps next to our bed in a co-sleeper bassinet (or just in bed with us). Here he is all swaddled. He was swaddled tightly for most of his first three months of life. He loved it.

He was pretty yellow! Every after noon for the first two weeks I nursed him and let him take a nap by our living room window to get a nice sun-bath to help flush the jaundice out. He was a great nurser the first few weeks which also helped him get lots of nice fat (he was born pretty skinny when first born) and to get rid of the jaundice (even though I had HORRIBLE after-pains while nursing him).

I did a little photo shoot of him when he was three days old to have a picture for his birth announcement. He was very alert for the pictures, but he was actually a pretty sleepy newborn with very rare alert times. He just wanted to sleep and eat for the first two-three months!

Here is his first bath at home. He was only nine days old when his umbilical cord fell off because he kept soaking his belly (and clothes and blankets) with urine! He really hated this at first, but loved his second bath. Now he rarely bathes, but sometimes I bring him in the shower with me for a good soaping up.

He loves to be carried, in our arms or one of our baby slings.

Emma also quickly fell in love with Owen. She loves to hold him and kiss him and pat his cheeks. She also loved to "stress test him." She would pat his cheeks or tummy a little harder, then a little harder just to see what it would take to get him to cry out. This is Emma at 2 years, 3 months and Owen at 9 days old.

Owen is two and a half weeks here. I love that we captured his little smile. Even though Emma would torture him a lot his first few weeks of life he sure loves her now! No one can make him smile and laugh like she can. He is quite fascinated with her.

Of course it's not always fun and games!!

I was afraid that Emma would be pretty jealous of her new brother. She definitely was at some moments (especially when she would first wake up) but she kept her self pretty busy, playing and making messes. She loves her water colors.

Here is one of her messes.. she loves some lotion..

On September 4th, when Owen was three weeks old we drove up to Jemez Springs and did this beautiful hike. It was a couple hours long and he slept for all of it.

Here he is at exactly one month old! We sure love our little OG! Thanks to everyone who helped us get through this first month!!


Nicole said...

Cute Pictures! We really want to have you guys over to our place in Rio Rancho soon!

Sarah said...

Love all the pictures! I am glad things are going well :)

Sarah or Stephen said...

Bear LOVES lotion too! He puts it everywhere! Owen is so handsome! Congrats!!!!

Skye said...

Adorable post and pictures! I have to say I think his webbed toes are absolutely precious :)
P.S. I loved the comment you left on my blog today Angela Kay....I was smiling the whole time I read it.

Brandi said...

Cute! I love seeing little ones with their new siblings, so sweet. A nurse told me the afterpains get worse each time, and it sure did for me! It was WAY worse for me the 2nd time, and just a little worse with the 3rd baby.

Chance and Beth said...

So wonderful. He was a tiny thing at first! Makes me so excited for our little guy and to see what kind of big sister bailey will be. Owen is so handsome and Emma is adorable as ever!