Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

We love Halloween!  We unloaded the costumes and decorations the first week of October.  Emma wore this witch dress and hat for a couple of weeks.  
 My mom found a snow white top at the D.I. and had this yellow fabric so I made her a Snow White Dress.. she wore this for the next 10 days or so.  She wore it to preschool on the 30th for their Halloween party and on Tuesday night for the ward's trunk or treat.  I'm sure she'll be wearing it a lot for the next year or so as she has her Cinderella dress.  
I think John makes a very handsome Han Solo.  I am one lucky Princess Leia. Owen wore the Wicket Ewok costume I made for Emma three years ago. He is one cute Ewok.

And yes, we are all Disney characters.  I think it's a good move of Lucasfilms and Disney!  I guess we were also celebrating Star Wars as well as Halloween!  But aren't we ALWAYS celebrating Star Wars in our home?  Yes we are.. as well as princesses.  

My Dad started an awesome tradition for himself and came to celebrate Halloween with his grandkids.  He came to our ward party trunk or treat.  I was telling everyone he dressed up as Luke Skywalker.  I made my version of Mama's Taco Soup with a LOT of Hatch chili.  We thought it was great!  I love that Owen has two suckers in his left hand and chocolate all over his face.  

On Wednesday (actual Halloween) we drove over to Mesa (after getting two dollar burritos from Chipotle! Yay!) and went trick or treating around Bob and Amy's neighborhood with them.  Marshall is wearing our skeleton costume that Owen wore for his first Halloween... or was it his second?   He is growing so fast!  
The Costume Change:  So Emma decided Wednesday morning that she wanted to be a cheetah like Madison.  I guess it's my fault because I went in the garage for some of my shoes and came back with a black tutu that had a leopard print trim.  She wore that to preschool with this black outfit and new black shoes and looked pretty cute.  I even painted her nose and whiskers or "mask" as Emma called it before preschool.  I had to run to Walmart anyways so I picked up the ears, bow, and tail.  The ears were part of an actual face mask but I altered it to be a headband.. and the bow ended up at the top of her tail.  She has ribbon around her chest and she refused to wear the tutu... "there is no such thing a princess cheetah.. and they don't wear tutu's".. ok Emma. :)  Later in the day when we needed to re-apply the mask she wanted to do the whiskers and me to do the nose.  She had so much fun and loved matching Madison and called her "sister" all night.

Happy Halloween!!!!!  Now, if I could just stop eating all this candy...


Jessica Dunlap said...

oh my goodness! Emma and Owen are getting so big! I love how you have her hair done in that cheetah costume! I hope you are all happy and healthy!

Amber said...

Haha that candy will get ya!
I didn't realize Emma and Madison were BOTH Cheetahs! Thats so adorable!
Owen was the cutes little Ewok ever too! Thanks for letting us use your costume as well. You are such an amazingly talented lady to make those costumes!