Monday, July 22, 2013

April 2013

April 6th--  Half time at one of Emma's first soccer games.  It was SO much fun for me to watch her play soccer.  I loved watching her long legs jump around at practice and how she was always so full of energy.  The games were a little tougher.  The sun was higher and she was not getting the ball as much and got hot and tired quickly.  She did score a goal in her first game though!
 She's cute. ;)

This is just a normal April 11th in the McCulloch household:  Emma catching live fly's in a sandwich bag.. and Owen calling Uncle Games on the "phone"
My first half marathon!  I have had a goal to run a half-marathon since I was in high school..  around the end of December I decided I was going to stop putting it off and found one I wanted to do.  It was in Lake Havasu City and I ran across McCulloch Blvd where the historic London Bridge is now.

Amber ran the last mile or so with me (when I felt like I was dying!)
John ran a kids race (about a 1/4 mile) with Emma!  She was SO excited and happy that she got a medal!


It was so awesome to run into the cold water in my bare feet when the race was over.  Look at my awesome family that come to support me!!  Thanks guys!!

Zoo trip on April 15th with Ganes


April 27.. this day after Emma's soccer game I tried to get some shopping done at TJ Maxx and the kids were restless to say the least.  I let them use my phone to take some pictures and these are a couple of my favorites. :)

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