Sunday, October 7, 2007

summer 2007

Here will be a quick photo break down of the awesome and busy summer we had. As mentioned earlier we went to Italy, which was amazing. On our way there we spent a day in NYC with John's best friend David. Here are the two of them with a view of the city. It was awesome and David was a great host. We saw a lot. It was my second time there but first time to really see the city.

I had to add this picture of John in Rome in front of one the bars. Huge, nasty (or tasty) italian sausge

This is us in front of the St. George temple with Madison. This was our first time doing a session there. Bob, Amy, my mom and my grandparents were there. It was great. It is a beautiful session.

We were in southern Utah for two weekends in a row, first for the Shupe family reunion at Duck Creek. The second reunion was the Frandsen reunion in wonderful Panguitch, UT. Southern Utah is beautiful.

This was my first time fishing since I was a little girl. It was tons of fun though I didn't get a single bite! Josh, Bob and Amy are in the background. I think Bob had the best fishing luck of all of us this weekend.

Here is John at the Sandia crest overlooking Albuquerque. We love to go on long hikes together. It is so great and healing to be in the open in nature and bear your soul with each other. It was defenitly needed this summer and we were grateful for any opportunity to do so.

We also took a trip to Arizona which I love. We spent some time in Flagstaff with my sisters and some time in Kingman. We did a hike in Fossil Creek. This is Amber and I.

I can't believe this was my first time to hike fossil creek! we also did a little swimming and cliff jumping which I love!

Something else I did about a month ago was dye my hair. I was going for a dark auburn brown and got this:

It lasted for about 12 hours.. was removed and then I had a nice orange hue.. .now it is what I wanted.. the brown. Next time you are around John, notice how many gray hairs he has! It is crazy! Poor guy.

Here is John watching general conference on the love sac today. It was awesome. I love hearing the words of our prophet and leaders of the church. We need it so desperately.

Next Saturday is John's 25th birthday. We are going on a fun road trip. I will be sure to document the good times!

Have a wonderful day!

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