Tuesday, April 8, 2008

8 weeks and counting...

Well things are busy like always here in Albuquerque.. work and scouts and doctors appointments... and taxes (yikes!) John just recently started a job at Sandia National Labs for the Department of Energy in nuclear radiation detection. It is a great job and pays well and will give him great experience. This will be his full-time job for the summer too. So we can buy diapers.. yay! I will be taking over more of the apartment managment stuff... yikes.. But we really feel very blessed that he got this job.
Speaking of blessings.. I had my "big" appointment with the perinatologist last friday and that went really well. I've been having weekly fetal assessments on fridays and they have all been great. They are grading the baby on a 10 point scale for different things and so far (after about a month and a half) she is an A+ baby. It's awesome to get to see her move around with the ultrasound every week. This week they actually could tell that she has hair on her head! That is a shocker to me! I was bald until I was like one years old!
Here is one of the better pictures we've been able to get of her face.. we haven't seen it very much at all.. i guess she wants to surprise us.. she looks so sleepy.. just like her mom!

However.. I think that most ultrasound pictures don't really look anything like the real baby.. for example.. this is cute but the angle makes her look like an alien!

Speaking of aliens.. she is a VERY acive baby, which is so wonderful and makes me really happy..but today she is seriously moving soo much! She was head down for a couple of weeks and I'm pretty sure she flipped over today at lunch while i was on the phone with John and I really feels like she is trying to climb out of my belly! Well check out these buff soccer legs! See what I have to deal with!!

We only have 8 weeks (minus a couple of days) until my due date. I have been soooo exhausted the last few days I wonder how I am going to make it.. and keep working and doing everything else.. I am really ready to hybernate! I also have been having these anxiety dreams that the baby is born and we have just the things we currently have.. so we have no diaper wipes and no crib mattress (the crib is all put together.. just no mattress yet..we'll get there) and I don't know how to install the car seat.. I really need to figure out the car seat because I have a dream about that like every night! Haha.. We are really excited to be parents. We can't wait to meet her and get to know her for the rest of her life.

P.S. For all you "The Office" fans.. they are back on air this week (this Thursday night on NBC). It's the only show we really watch... it's the best.


MOM said...

thanks for sharing. I think her face looks like John in the very first pic. I can't wait. You are going to be a wonderful mommy!!

S & S Padilla said...

Wow, look at those legs! She already has great calf definition! I love ultrasound pics! What names are you thinking of???

Heather said...

She looks beautiful!!! Yeah for the office. Buddy is out of town an is only home every other weekend so we watch the office over the phone together. We call it our Thursday night date. I love it.

Amy said...

The ultrasound pics are so awesome. I can't believe you only have 8 weeks left. That is so cool.

Amber said...

I'm so excited to see your baby! Your dreams are really funny too!
I love you Angela! Glad things are going so well! Tell John Congrats on that job. That's soo AWESOME!!!