Tuesday, April 8, 2008

John got Tagged

I got tagged. Here's the stuff

10 years ago....

10 years ago.... hmm.... I was living in scenic (not) stinky (true) Portales NM. It really was stinky we were literally surrounded by dairy farms. On days it rained the school would lift the no open flames ban so that teachers could light incense and smell-good-so-students-didn't-puke-in-class-candles. AND I got my DRIVERS LICENSE!!! Also I played football, not well, but I played. And yeah that pretty much sums up that year.. oh yeah I got to experience Corporal Punishment first hand at my school. Good times were had by all.

5 Things on My To Do List

1. Love Angela everyday with all my heart
2. HOMEWORK!!! (This will be on here for the forseeable future)
3. Be a good dad (WHOA!!!!!!)
4. Find all the gold brick on my star wars lego game
5. Finish the Book of Mormon, I meant to finish before I started work... then I hit 2nd Nephi

5 Snacks I love

1. DP
2. Chips and Salsa
3. Sonic Ice
4. Root Beer
5. Chocolate Covered Cockroaches

5 Places I have lived (Chronological)

1 Norman OK
2 Albuquerque NM
3 Farmington NM
4. Gold Canyon AZ
5. Farmington NM
(sorry this only brings me to the age of like 9... but only 5 were requested so the rest of my life will remain a mystery)

If I were a billionaire....

Honestly not a ton would change. We wouldn't be managing this apartment and we would have a hot tub. I would probably take the same classes. Scouts would be great because we would never do another fundraiser again! But I am completely happy with my life. Well, Angela and ______ and I would travel more often to more exotic places but that is all that would change.

5 Jobs (By coolness factor)

1. Sandia National Labs
2. Apartment Manager
3. Farmer
4. Stone Mason
5. WWF

7 Things You Don't Know About Me....

See this is tough "you" is pretty vague... If "you" happens to be Angela, David, Ganes or Max sorry nothing new. But let's see if I can't do somethings that will catch everyone off guard

1. I got two gold stars for a drawing I made of my bird, Rosebud, in 2nd grade
2. I got a blue ribbon in pole bending on horseback in 3rd grade (I never did better than like 48th on barrels)
3. I hate cauliflower... in any form really... well actually cauliflower compost is fine by me.
4. I experienced the 24th of October 1997 twice by crossing the international date line.
5. My normally drab imagination suddenly becomes alive in the morning when I try to convince Angela and myself why it is absolutely imperative that I stay in bed... it hasn't worked yet.
6. For my third birthday party I got exactly what I wanted... a ride on the AmTrak
7. I have travled at mach .86 my plane left late but arrived early

So this is me... I hope you enjoyed it


MOM said...

I love you John. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for loving Angela every day. You are both keepers.

Amy said...

I didn't know you were a cowboy. Do you make your own chocolate covered cockroaches?

Steven and Becky Trujillo said...

eeyoooo! chocolate cockroaches! I think that's a first I've heard on a top 5 sweet-tooth list. Oh and Angela, ya Adam sure is still flexing those muscles away! He'll be flexing them all of the way to Argentina! That's where he's going on his mission!

The Palmer family said...

You are hilarious John and so sweet to Angela. Jonathan, take note! HAHA. We are so excited for you to have your sweet baby. Are coming up to Farmpit anytime soon?
Kami and Jonathan

Amber said...

Well, that was really cool! I didn't know the majority of that stuff about you!
I love you John! Hope you can get all of your homework done and that you can keep enjoying your classes! ;)