Friday, February 19, 2010

welcome back sunshine!

Here's Emma Jane in one of our measly snow storms this year..

The holidays are over and the air is starting to warm up.. so I am starting to feel a little more alive. I am not a winter person, but I have been addicted to the winter olympics this year! so much fun!

Christmas was great. We spent Christmas weekend in Farmington with John's mom. We announed to our families on Christmas day that we are expecting our second child. I am due August 11th. We'll find out the gender in a few weeks.. any guesses?

Emma reallly got into the Christmas spirit this year.. meaning she had a trunkk load of presents to bring home. She really had a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun shopping for her.. but finding a place for all her stuff is somewhat impossible!
Here she is at my work Christmas party.. with the first gifts of Christmas from us.. some books!

We also had an early Christmas with John's dad.. and she got this awesome tricycle... she'll grow into it in no time..

She also recieved this little snowman bell from my dad and decided it needed to be swaddled in her daddy's shirt. I loove how much she nurtures and loves her little babies... she'll be a wonderful big sister.. and mother some day!

She has been saying a lot of new words and is still full of energy and life. She is very happy and sweet. We just love her! I shared some of my fruit smothie with her.. yummy!Emma's new favorite thing is Whinnie the Pooh. She loves the movies and could watch them all day... she calls them Pooh Igger... so cute. She likes to sleep with her little pooh bear too. So cute. She has been sleeping in her own big bed. We have a nice futon that I padded up with a memory foam topper and feather topper.. because I lay down with her until she is asleep.. and I am probably asleep before she is! John has to wake me up to go to our bed.. sometimes I am already too asleep to move though.. It's amazing how much little kids move around in their sleep!

We celebrated our 4th anniversary this January..It's been a fabulous four years. I really have the world's best husband! He is soo good to me every day that our anniversaries and valentines days seem almost.. unnecessary to me.. because John really expresses his love to me constantly. I am very blessed. We did go on a super date for our anniversary.. watched Sherlock Holmes, ate lunch, then watched Avatar. It was fun! Out Valentine's day was Sunday, but actually kind of busy for us.. I got some beautiful gerber daisies and chocolate.. just what I wanted.. and John got some of his man soaps and razors... i know- kind of lame, but he liked it! The best gift I got though was a few days earlier he cleaned out the fridge for me.. like really scrubbed it. It was so thoughtful of him.. i've been so naseaus that I hated even opening the fridge.. that was the perfect romantic gift for me!!

We joined a gym in January.. the JCC, or Jewish Community Center. It is great! We were going pretty regularly for little more than a month and then we both got super sick on super bowl sunday .. food poisioning from taco bell we ate the day before.. yuck! but man that threw us both off for about a week! I was working out right after work on Monday and Thursday..but the same day we were really sick my baby sitter called to tell me she wants to quit watchig Emma..

So we have some fabulous friends that are helping us out.. and so far she is loving it! She gets to play with her best friend Lana McCrackin on Wednesdays and will go there on Mondays a week or two after Nina has their baby.. and on Thursdays she plays with little Heath Tew.. Thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are such blessings in our lives!

Have any of you heard of Dave Ramsey? He has a radio show on 730 am, the Christian radio show and has written books... he's a big financial advisor that teaches good, old fashioned money advice like: work really hard, stay out of debt, pay tithing... he's great! we just started taking his class: Financial Peace University.. it's a class on DVD's that we watch with a small group and we got some books and resourses to use during and after the class.. so far we are loving it! On March 3rd we can invite people to come to class.. it's on his favorite topic- getting out of debt. It's Wednesday night at 7pm.. they even have a free day care class.. Anyone want to come with us? Check out his website..

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good double jogging stroller?

I hope you all are doing well!!


Jacquee said...

thanks for the update and cute photos! So sorry you're sick. That's the worst part of being pregnant! You're almost out of the nausea stage, though. Woo hoo!

Jana Adams said...

Congrats!! That is so exciting, Emma is so dang cute! I hope you start feeling better soon!

Paula and Eddie said...

I bought a new double jogging stroller on Ebay for 200 two years's great! It's a Schwinn, has 3 bikelike tires (not a cheap ol plastic one in front) and attaches to your bike too. I love mine. It's just been too cold you use it here lately, but it will definitely get more use in Hawaii :-)

Nichole Christensen said...

I've heard of Dave Ramsey. I've heard good things! And I'm so excited about seeing you in March! Yay! I'm glad you updated your blog... FINALLY. :) Miss you, Ange!

Deborah said...

Love catching up with your family. The picture of Emma with the smoothie is a riot! I want to know if it is a boy or girl. One part of me would like to have a boy but it would be nice to have the girls so close together too. Ben and Becca were best buds until the twins got to be old enough to pair off with them. I was shopping for a baby shower last week and saw the cutest maryjane socks and wondered if you were having a girl. Too cute!