Saturday, September 17, 2011

Owen's 1st birthday... Photo Party

Sweet baby Owen turned one years old on August 13th, 2011. He is such a happy and fun little guy with the cutest jack-o-lantern smile and bright blue eyes. He walks and climbs and loves to play outside, in the water and with rocks. He especially loves to eat rocks.. and eat pretty much anything he can get his mouth on! We love him to pieces and decided to celebrate his first birthday Dr. Suess style. Wonderful family graced us with their presence and we had a great time!

The birthday banner I made out of the Dr. Suess book: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Our birthday wreath:
The cupcake tower and smash cake I made that morning.

OG seemed content while we sang Happy Birthday and helped him blow out his candles but he became quickly uneasy as we all stood around waiting for him to go at his cake.
Quickly enough his unease tuned into downright NOT FUN.

but he got over it.

We love our little man! This post is a month old and it's amazing how much he has grown and changed in just a short 5 weeks. He has more teeth and is getting pretty proficient at climbing (darn the luck).. but he is one of the most observant babies I have ever seen and loves to sit in my lap and read books again and again. He also loves to pinch and do whatever Emma is up to- especially if she doesn't want him to do what she is going or play with what she is playing with.

Here are some other shots we got right before our camera drowned in the kiddie pool. I hope we'll be able to get a new one soon so we can keep taking pictures of our babies! Any suggestions for a good digital camera?

At the Grand Canyon during the Shupe reunion at the end of July.. right at the start of John's pneumonia! He was so sick and still let me drag him around with my family. He loves me a lot.
Naked baby!!
We survived our first summer in Southern Arizona! Horray!!!


Chance and Beth said...

What a handsome little guy! In one of the pictures he looks so much like his big sister! So glad you guys are doing well; even with all of the climbing :)

Amy Shupe said...

The picture of Emma on the toilet is soooo funny! Owen is the cutest little guy. He is such a good baby! Actually big 1 year old boy.

Raquel said...

In "Southern Arizona"??? Did you guys move?? If you are now where we are, we have to get together! O, and way cute pics!

Angela said...

Raquel.. yes! we live in Buckeye now!! and Yes! We have to get together! I've been thinking of you guys!

Tewz said...

our kids are growing way, way, way too fast.