Friday, September 23, 2011

Owen's first year..

Since I have failed so MISERABLY at keeping up with this blog over the past year I am doing a bit of catch -up.. for us and for the grandmothers.  Each photo here is a picture of Owen closest to the 13th of each month.. beginning with his birthday, August 13th, 2010.  Enjoy!


                                                                                 One Month old:

                                                                          Two Months old:

                                                                  Three Months old:

                                                              Just before Four Months old:

                                                               Just after Four Months old:

                                                          Five months old: (started crawling)

Six months old: (Yes, with duct tape keeping his socks on- compliments of John)

                                           Seven months old: (dirt in hair compliments of Emm J)

                                                         Eight months old: (started walking)

                                                                   Nine Months old:

                                                                    Ten months old:

                                                                     Eleven months old:

                                                                   Twelve months old:


Brandi said...

He's so cute, and they look so much alike! He walked at 8 months?! Dang!

Amy Shupe said...

I love the duct taped socks! LOL!