Thursday, March 15, 2012

U is for underwear

One of my favorite things is bedtime.. not just because I'm exhausted and can't wait to sleep, but I love reading to the kids.  I really love children's books and will happily read a huge stack to Emma and Owen before I turn off the lights.  The other night we were reading this book "Do Pirates Take Baths."  It's a pretty fun book with little poems answering various questions about the scallywagging life of a pirate.  One page asks "Do pirates wear underwear?"  Emma instantly started laughing and telling me all about how in preschool "Miss Darice said that U is for underwear, and it was so funny and everybody started laughing...."  She was cracking up as she remembered this and told me this story.  I thought it was great because everyday I ask her what she did in preschool that day and she seems to not remember a single thing they did that day.  I think she really just doesn't want to talk about it when I ask because she actually amazes John and me so often with how brilliant her memory is.  She's pretty sweet. :)

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