Tuesday, April 27, 2010

4 down.. 18,687,263 to go.

Here are some of the things I've been up to..

Re-fashioning my purse. I have a love for dark brown, which is the color of my usual purse, but I have been wanting to pull out another purse that is such a nice spring color- ivory. After using for an hour I remembered why I put it away in my closet. It has these metal rings on the handles that are too loud and heavy and .. not me. I hate how they clank around and because the straps are too short, it falls off my shoulder.. so I decided to change the straps to my liking!


Mid-Way: (The purse is leather.. I could only find vinyl that I sewed to canvas for reinforcement)


(The straps may still be a little too short. If it bugs me enough I will have a re-fashion part two.)

Yard Work. I re-seeded our lawn with some Tall Fescue so I've been dilligently keeping it wet. We have had success and have some cute little baby grass blades coming up.. meanwhile the older grass was getting VERY tall. Emma loves to play in our back yard and on her swing. "wing" I had her in there while I was mowing the lawn with our OLD- at least 20 years and LOUD LOUD electric lawn mower and would push her in the swing when she needed another push. I looked up to see if she needed a push.. but she really needed a NAP! (She has been on a growth spurt. She took a 4 hour 15 minute nap on Friday!)
Baking these yummy (and low-fat/calorie) chocolate cupcakes.Eating Avacados.. and now I will watch the pits grow some avacado trees!

Growing a baby. I will be 25 weeks tomorrow.. John and I had these great Wild Things shirts made at Christmas and the size I picked for mine was just way too big and wierd.. but I altered it at the neck and took in the sleeves and then did this ruching technique that took about two minutes... and now I have a really fun, custom-made maternity shirt!

Making to-do lists.

1. Finish my apron. I haven't worked on it in months.. I will finish it this week!

2. Plant the garden in our square foot gargen boxes we planted last year.

3. Buy a sander, and supplies to paint and repair our big swing-set we got from the neighbor.

4. Peruse Craiglist for a decent proprane grill and an arm's reach co-sleeper.

5. Build a modern farmhouse table

6. Hang the curtains in the office/Emma's sleeping room.

7. Take down the wallpaper in the bathroom and re-paint.

8. Take down the old ugly mirrors on the dining room wall and re-paint.

9. Plan a two-year old birthday party for Emma Jane.

10. Start making baby announcements and baby boy projects.. car seat cover, blankets..

11. Make Emma's Crayon holder craft and work on her quiet book.

12. Clean and organize and PURGE my house.


Brandi said...

I LOVE that knockoff wood website. We want to make that same table some day. But we won't need a bigger table for a while longer, so not yet.

McCracken said...

You are one amazing woman!! I can't believe all the things you get done. I can't ever seem to do any projects. You are super mom!!

Jacquee said...

You're my hero, Angela. I LOVE your Wild Things shirt. Can we have a sewing session sometime? I need some of your mad skills.

You have quite a long to-do list for yourself. don't do too much! And I'm so excited to see your farmhouse table! I've been drooling over Knock off Wood for months and waiting **patiently** for my parents to move to San Antonio this summer with all of their tools so I can try my hand at funiture building. I can't wait so see how yours turns out!

If you need any help with birth announcements, I LOVE making them so let me know and I'd be happy to design one for you. If you'd rather do it yourself though I totally understand. I think it's too fun to share sometimes :-)

Glad to hear you're doing great!

Adam&Rachel said...

sheesh girl! that is one serious to do list! one day at a time right :) good luck checking off your list and I love your creativity and ingenuity!

Rachel Clare said...

How did I not know you were a "Jill" of all trades?! Fixing your purse- RUCHING your own tees? We need to hang out. Want to come to CA? ;)

I hope you're feeling well!

StevenBecky said...

Congrats on another baby. Are you guys still in NM? How is life? I'm way impressed with the purse make over. Talented!