Friday, April 16, 2010

Remembering Dudley Lee Proctor

Emma loves The Little Mermaid.. however she is simply called "Fish" not Ariel, Mermaid, Princess of even Barbie. I love it. She has to bring it with her everywhere. Here she is watching The Little Mermaid movie and laid down next to Fish and said it was time for a nap. So, I put the blanket over them and she thanked me. :)
You may wonder why this picture is fuzzy.. it is because Nina and I had to run and chase them around the aquarium the whole time... it's amazing the picture even turned out this good. Thanks for the workout girls!
Emma and I were able to make it to Panguitch for Great-Grandma Proctor's (Dudley Lee) funeral services. John needed to stay home for work and school. I was a little worried about the ten hour drive but bought a portable DVD player Monday night. What a miracle worker that little thing is! We made it all the way to Flagstaff without stopping. We were able to eat lunch at Niki's house and spend a little time with her and her sons. It was really good to see them. Part of the reason why I was willing to do the long drive was as long as someone road with me from Flagstaff. Luckily both Amber and Megan were able to get out of school and work so they rode from Flagstaff to Panguitch with me. We did that part of the trip without stopping also! Of course my butt was killing me.. but it was nice to get there at a decent hour. The funeral was on Wednesday the 14th. We had a two-hour viewing first. A lot of friends and family made it for that. Grandma looked SO beautiful and peaceful. Ann Proctor did her hair and make-up.. her real hair. Grandma always wore these big wigs until the last couple of years, but her natural hair was so beautiful and we were all so happy to see her looking so peaceful and happy. I also love that she was dressed in her temple clothes. I am so grateful for our eternal knowledge of thing. The funeral immediately followed the viewing. Grandpa (Clark) and Grandma (Gwen)Frandsen, her brother Jay, his wife Ann and my mom all spoke. It was great to see more what a positive and happy person she was. Several of her poems were read and we could really tell that the world through her eyes was such a beautiful place. Ben Proctor dedicated the grave. It was a beautiful prayer and blessing. Josh was a pall bearer. He did great. He is really growing up. Bob and John were both listed as honorary pall bearers. All of our cousins were able to make it except Bob, David and Dennis and J.C.. Here the pall bearers are placing their flowers on Grandma's beautiful casket. All of us, especially the girls took a flower or a few from the casket arrangement to press or dry.
It was a fast, quick trip but I am really glad I was able to go. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. It was also so good to see Grandpa Proctor. He is doing very well. Really the hardest part was watching him cry at her side before they closed the casket. How wonderful to be so in love for so long! (They will have been married 74 years this June).

It was so good to come home last night and spend time again with my loving and wonderful husband (of 4.5 years). We'll reach that 74 year mark as well someday! :)

This is a few weeks old... but it's a cute video of Emma doing the dishes.


McCracken said...

I love the blog! I am sorry about your great-grandma.
Lana saw the blog and told me EMMA!!! She was nice enough to point out Emma's barbie. We are ironically watching The Little Mermaid as well. :)

Deborah said...

Sorry for the occasion but the glad the trip went smoothly for you. Emma is a doll! Love the Fish and after seeing a performance the other day, the girls are wanting to watch the movie again.