Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pregnancy Update/ Ultrasound #4

Yesterday morning I had 3 OB appointments in a row.. (from 7-10). I always have my regular check-ups with Dr. Stuart at 7:15 on Fridays. I like to get in and out. Emma and John were able to come with me to these appointments because the ban of children has finally been lifted in the hospital. We talked to Dr Stuart about the Echogenic Focus, and like us she was not worried about it.. easy appointment.. my next one is five weeks away.
Next we went down a floor to the Perinatal Associate's office and met first with the genetic couseler. This was an appointment they told us we should make and honestly we didn't really learn anything new regarding our case but it was still a good idea. It was a good time to ask questions and be put even more at ease that we really don't need to be worried about anything. We ended up asking a lot of other questions about genetics in general and had a little fun picking her brain.. she did tell us that at their office there are a couple of doctors who wish patients would not even be told it exists because it means nothing to them.. and a couple of doctors who say.. well, we should talk to them about it because sometimes it is correlated with other problems.
Finally we went back for another ultrasound- the tech did the general biophysical profile and our baby got 8 out of 8 (meaning he's growing and moving and the blood flow is still good and the amniotic fluid level is within nornal limits).. Then Dr Albright came in and took a little closer look at the heart and other organs and said we are good to go and we'd only need to come back if we start having any other complications. When I started to ask a little about the echogenic focus we quickly learned that he is one of the doctors that doesn't like it and wish they wouldn't have to talk about it. He said there are a lot of other hard or stronger markers for genetic anomolies that they look for and this baby has none.
So, it seems like we really didn't learn anything new.. and that's why we wanted to do these appointments- to make sure we wouldn't learn anything new. Our little baby is growing healthy and strong and we are excited to meet him. It was fun to have Emma see him on the ultrasound.. but I still don't think she really knows why my belly is growing so big. (and it is! I'm huge!!!)
I think we have his name all picked out. I love it. We'll let you all know what it is in a little less than four months when he is born!


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Adam&Rachel said...

I can totally see you guys, (mr. mucculloch esp;) asking all these in depth questions to the genetic counselor :) Genetics are very interesting! Glad you are feeling good about everything, and ps. not fair to say you know the name and not say it! you're just being a tease!

Paula and Eddie said...

Looks like baby number 2 is just happy and healthy! That's awesome! Yeah, we just moved here for the next 3 years of our life...craziness. We're Air Force, so we aren't ON Pearl Harbor, but just across the street. It's joint with my husband's base, Hickam. Yeah, I've been blessed with doctors that like my girls petite sizes...less worried about obesity, which is a growing issue with many kids. Emma sounds just about the same weight schedule as Lexi was. She was 23 at her 2 year mark too! Good luck with the rest of this pregnancy!