Friday, July 16, 2010

"brutter" will be here soon!

I've been talking a lot about the baby in my tummy and the fact that Emma is going to be a big sister and have a baby brother for a couple of months now. She talks about babies ("baby" was her first word actually) and especially the last couple of weeks is really enthralled with my huge belly but has never tried to say brother or even acknowledge that part of it all.. until last night while reading "How to be a Baby, by Me the Big Sister".. I was pointing to the baby saying that was the baby brother and she finally said "brutter"... soo cute! She will be a good big sister I'm sure (after the initial shock and adjustments we will ALL have to make).
I am 36 and a half weeks today and I'm shooting for a July 31st delivery... we'll see how that goes. I am not ready for him to come yet.. but I will be ready by then... I've been drinking the red raspberry leaf tea and just started the Evening Primrose Oil and walking a lot more. I'll make sure I make my oregano and basil infused chicken cacciatore for dinner on the 30th to boost those contractions and I'll be good to go! (all of these things really helped with getting ready for and inducing labor with Emma... but she was also just ready to come.. we'll see how it goes!.. also, at this point I feel I would totally be okay with a later delivery date for sure! I'm not due until August 11th. I just want him to come when he is ready!

Also.. I'm not sure why but Emma has been into EVERYTHING this last week and is jumping off of all the furniture and making serious messes. She hasn't done these things too much at all ever and I think that she is taking this big sister talk seriously and wants to make sure she has a lot of mischievious skills she can teach her baby brother!! I will be outnumbered then too!! I love you little Emma Jane!


Nichole Christensen said...

So cute, Ange!!!!

Brandi said...

That's what Paige calls Cason too. "Little Brudder". I love it.

Emma looks so cute in that picture at the end.

And thank you for your nice comments about my whale creations for the Casson baby!

Sarah said...

Brutter, I love it! I am sure Emma will love having a baby around! I hope your aim for a July 31st delivery works out well for you! You look awesome with your baby bump, has Emma been able to feel your stomach when he is moving around?

Adam&Rachel said...

So excited for brudder to come too! She will be a great big sister :) I think that she is just breaking into her 2-ness! it wont last forever. Hope your tactics will get you into labor and not go past your due date. I amnot sure if i am as big with Kyler... I need to look at some pictures!

McCracken said...

She is too cute. What a sweetie. We have noticed she hasn't been her normal self around here lately. She is really in tuned to what is going on!! She will be a great big sister!

Rob N Amy said...

You look so cute! I can't wait till he gets here!!!!!