Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tent Rocks- June 5th

Saturday morning of June 5th, 2010 we slept in a little, then decided it would be a great day for a hike. John decided we should finally go hike Tent Rocks, near Cochiti Lake, NM. We drove up and started our hike at.. 11:00 am. It was HOT!! We realized we had not planned things very well because, who starts a hike that late in the Southwest on a trail with NO shade cover or water in HOT HOT weather.. Also.. being 30 weeks pregnant?!?

The great part was heading up to the very top of the trail and chatting with all the other hikers who started their hike late like us... "if a pregnant lady and a guy carrying a kid and a backpack can do it.. so can we!!" Unfortunately the very top did not have a very good view.. this was the best view.. about 3/4 of the way up:
We let Emma Jane walk part of the hike (until it became painfully slow).. she loved carrying her walking stick and throwing rocks. She's a great little hiker!

Thanks for holding this tree up for us John! You're so strong!!

Amazingly, we passed a LOT of hikers on our way DOWN the trail.. they must have started hiking at between 12 and 1 pm! Crazy! It was a lot of fun over all and we were really glad we went and even made it to the peak. Next time we'll do it in the spring or fall and start a little earlier.
To me this looks like someone got buried from the head to the waist while doing a head stand. what do you think?

We actually haven't done a hike since this weekend, one month ago...


Skye said...

That place looks so neat! Hiking is the best but I would have probably quit right away if it was too hot. I'm a wimp about the heat. You are such an adorable family! Can you take me hiking there one of these days? Oh and I agree that looks like someone buried upside down. Funny!

Jacquee said...

You're absolutely crazy to do that hike 30 weeks pregnant, but you're my hero. Those rock formations look amazing. I miss mountains :-(