Sunday, July 25, 2010

Almost July..

Emma Jane sure loves Nanny and Grumps... sometimes in her random babbling she'll start talking about Nanny and Grumps and she loves to talk to Nanny on the phone. It's really sweet. :)

I am sooo glad that I was able to go back up to Utah for Grandpa's funeral and I'm really glad most everyone was able to make it too. It was good to see Bob.. but, seriously I have was SOOOO exhausted the day of the funeral.. by 11:00 I was struggling and I just got more and more sleepy. I really don't remember feeling that sleepy with a nap or bedtime being so far away! This is Emma at the funeral luncheon.. too bad I didn't lay down next to her!

I was all caught up on sleep the next day thank goodness! We decided for the last weekend in June we would stay home and take it a little easy... I did some visiting teaching while John started one of my wish lists for this summer.. installing a ceiling fan! (He decided to wait until I was done visiting teaching and running arrends to finish it when he realized Emma Jane had followed him up the stairs to the ceiling!!)
Here is our dining room light (old and ugly.. but still kind of cool.. I may try to sell it on ebay)

And here is our new dining room light and fan! It's the first ceiling fan in our house. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fan. It makes such a difference, especially when I'm cooking or baking or doing dishes which happens A LOT! Thanks John! It only took us three times to get it all together right!

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Rob N Amy said...

You HAVE to sell that light. You should shop around for a price. That is a really cool antique. You might make a lot of money off of it. Great job on the fan. It looks fantastic. What I love about my fan above my kitchen table is that it cools the kids foods off fast. What I don't love about it, is that it makes my food cold. Ha ha. Go figure. I am so excited for that little boy to make is entrance. Text me when you hit labor! I don't care what time it is. I hope we get to come up and see him soon too. When we do we should take Emma out for the day so you and baby can rest! Love ya!