Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just Call Me Martha

I've been working on some last minute projects the last few days besides the diaper bags.. this baby is going to be set! I'm now going to do a lot of cleaning and hiking.. if he still doesn't come I have one more blanket I want to make.. :)

I love love this animal print.. and thought it needed a satin ribbon binding..
A burp cloth made out of a cloth diaper.. (I love this flannel I originally bought two years ago for a blanket for Robby.. I wish I had a lot more of it because I can't find it in any stores now)

I LOVE this socky monkey and banana flannel. I made this blanket a lot bigger... was planning on doing a brown blanket stitch around the edges.. but got sick of un-tying knots in the embroiderary thread... maybe I'll add some to the matching burp cloths..

Here are the burp cloths.. Each one is two sided with the bananas and the monkeys.. Love it!!


Sarah said...

You go girl!! I always lose patience with my sewing machine so projects take me a little longer :)

Brandi said...

You find the cutest fabrics ever! And DANG you've been productive!

Adam&Rachel said...

yes you are most definitely Martha!! I am so impressed with all your skills :) Hope he comes soon!

Chance and Beth said...

Very cute! Congratulations, by the way!! Can't wait to see more pictures, hope you are all doing well and adjusting smoothly!