Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday America

We celebrated Independence Day weekend at Vallecito at the cabin.. such an awesome weekend! We got there late friday night (July 2nd) and came home on Monday the 5th. Nanny and Grumps met us up there early Saturday afternoon. Of course we always love it there and had a great time!

We brought Emma's rain coat and boots that she had previously gotten from Nancy. Well Emma will never want for shoes.. she got two new pair from Nanny that weekend. She is wearing one of each in this photo.. some awesome faux fur boots and red mary jane squeakers. We loved them! She was squeaking around all weekend.. it was hilarious and great to know when she was wandering off... Emma loved standing out in the rain with her coat and "fishy."

I was 34 1/2 weeks pregnant for the trip.. so here's the whole family! I LOOOVED getting out of the heat. This was our last trip before delivery.. (as I write I am still pregnant...)

Of course we through hundreds of rocks in the lake for dozens of hours.. McCulloch tradition. Emma is still throwing with both hands..
"Happy You".. is what she calls candles on cakes.. and now she calls cake "Happy"... aptly named, I'd say. I brought up this carrot cake and to keep up with Nancy's tradition we lit sparklers and sang Happy Birthday to America. Emma LOVED the sparklers!
Another McCulloch/Rhien tradition is bathing the babies in the sink at the cabin. I guess Max's first bath was in the sink at the cabin. Emma wasn't too sure about it, but Nanny and Grumps were set on getting some pictures and a good bath- so once they gave Emma her "fishy" to wash she loved it. So cute..

We ate lots of good food (thanks Grumps) and played some good darts and cards.. loved it all!!

We didn't get picutes with our camera, but Emma had her first canoe ride. She did great.. and I was able to splash John really well with the oar a couple of times.

You have to see the video of Emma when she first put her shoes on.. she wouldn't stop jumping and I couldn't stop giggling!! Thanks Nanny!!

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Sarah said...

I love her face as she is getting her sink bath! So stinkin' cute:)