Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pregnant in July

As stated earlier we decided to miss this year's McCulloch reunion to stay close to home since we were one month away from the due date. We sure have been busy though! We've been doing a lot of nesting.. John and I both! Emma on the other hand has picked up a new habit of throwing things.. food, papers, books, clothes, toys, fits.. I really wish she would stop.. maybe next year..

It has been a HOT summer for me. I really don't like sweating this much! But honestly I'm not a crabby person normally and I'm not a crabby pregnant person either... though I have met those.. I really do feel pretty good most of the days and know I could go on and on about the woa's of pregnancy in July- but actually I'm doing pretty good most days. I am soo grateful that the second week of July John put this baby up in our bedroom: A night-saver to say the least!!

However, the following weekend, our only two years old, deep soaking and pretty bathtub managed to crack (it was acrylic and installed poorly.. over styrofoam.. over a jack-hammered hole in the foundation (WHAT!?!)... so we/John tore it all out and I ordered a new one... it's in the garage in the box and we still have a hole in our floor.. so, does anyone know how to properly install a bathtub? We're hoping to learn SOON...

John successfully just completed another summer school class. So he now has more time to work on the bathtub.. but really just wants me to go into labor! (He gets 2 weeks paid paternity leave..) I don't blame him.. Work is the LAST place I've been wanting to go for about a month and a half. (By the way... John only has 4 more classes until he graduates and then it's off to grad school!)

Emma started having some sad seperation anxiety, which made me more emotional and stressed and tired.. She's doing a little better now though. I am only scheduled to work four hours this Wednesday.. I sure hope I don't make it!
Here I am at 36 1/2 weeks pregnant (taken July 18th).. almost term! I now have one of those bellies that always made my jaw drop at how big and far it sticks out..

One of my great friends Jennifer Radcliffe threw me a baby shower on July 24th. It was a lot of fun and turned out great!! I have some great friends at church and wonderful family members. (Nancy was planning on coming, but has to have one of her hips replaced on the 4th in Phoenix, so she really needed to rest and get a lot of things done in Farmington that day to get ready for the surgery.) We got lots of great things and had a fun time! Thanks everyone soo much!!

I loved the cake! Jessica Shaw and her kids made it. :)

We had friends and family write letters to the baby (and we decided to do it for Emma too) to be opened and read at different birthdays throughout their lives.. ages 1-20.. I love it!!

Jenn and I (later that day at a baptism..)
Here's some other things we've been up to this month..

Trying new recipes (grilled zucchini roll):

and using lots of favorite old recipes.. I just may be addicted to bruschetta...especially with fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden! Heaven!!

Long Sunday drives to the Sandia Crest, through a cloud! Lot's of Wheel of Time reading on our drives..

Burying Emma Jane in the sandbox

Swimming.. and unfortunately getting sunburned..

Hanging out with Megan for a few minutes here in Albuqueruqe!

Going to the aquarium with Johnathan, Darien and Annie

Practice being a big sister (with a little help from Heath and Berke Tew)

A little pregnancy update: I haven't had any other anatomy ultrasounds so I don't know if the echogenic cardic focus is still there on the baby's heart or if it will affect anything.. hope not..

Emma sweetly gave my belly a big hug the other day and said "My Baby Brutter" .. and she has been pointing out things around the house that are for him and talking about baby brutter! Yay! She will still go through a little shock though I'm sure..

Here I am at 38 1/2 weeks.. I am ten days away from my due date.. I have not been too anxious to have the baby yet (I've had too many cleaning and organizing and crafting projects to do!!!).. but I am defenitly getting there now. I think it's because Emma came ten days early.. so I should get that again, right? He has dropped and I've been having contractions like crazy but on Friday early morning I was only dialated to 1 cm and 50% effaced. When he's ready he'll come.. but I do hope it's closer to today then August 11th..


Nichole Christensen said...

I LOVE the pictures. Angela you look amazing!!!!

Sarah said...

I always get so hungry after I see the yummy looking food you make! I love your prego pics! Can't wait to see pictures of the new addition when he arrives :)

Josh said...
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Adam&Rachel said...

come on baby brudder :) We can't wait!!! You look great. I can't believe all the things you get done! Thanks for the gifts :) what a nice surprise! I need to give you a call and catch up before you have that boy!

Brandi said...

You look wonderful! Haha, Sarah, she makes me hungry every time too. Haha, I had one of those crazy gigantic bellies last time, and it's looking like I will again. :)

The Royalty Family said...

I have a 5 yr old still throwing fits...keep dreaming